E-Bikes Brooklyn: Where Can I Ride?

E-Bikes Brooklyn: Where Can I Ride?

E-bikes are a fantastic way to get around NYC! In fact, riding your e-bike often gets you places faster than the subway.

But e-bikes are still prohibited from most parks and greenways in the city. That means Brooklyn’s e-bike riders must stick to streets and bike lanes to comply with the law.

Let’s take a closer look at New York City’s e-bike rules, as well as our favorite places to ride in Brooklyn.

What Are The Best E-Bike Trails And Parks In Brooklyn?

Are E-Bikes Legal In Brooklyn?

Are There E-Bike Incentive Programs In Brooklyn?

Where Can I Find Magnum Bikes In Brooklyn?

E-Bikes Brooklyn FAQs

What Are The Best E-Bike Trails And Parks In Brooklyn?

E-bikes are still prohibited from many parks and trails in all of NYC, including Brooklyn. This leaves popular bicycle trails like the Brooklyn Greenway and Prospect Park Loop off-limits.

However, there are lots of great routes through the city via streets and bike lanes! So here are places we love to ride that also comply with local laws.

Williamsburg Bridge

View of the Williamsburg Bridge crossing the East River into Manhattan near sunset

The Williamsburg Bridge features its own bike path for a more protected crossing from Brooklyn to the Lower East Side. Image Source: Unsplash

Why We Love It

Heading to the Lower East Side?

You could take the subway … or spend about 30 minutes riding your e-bike through Brooklyn and across the Williamsburg Bridge.

One direct route is taking Bedford, then hopping on the Williamsburg Bridge Bike Path. There are bike lanes along parts of Bedford, but ride with caution — you may need to move in and out of the main street at times.

Once you cross the bridge, you land right in Manhattan on the Lower East Side!

You can easily customize this route to stop at any of your favorite bodegas, boutiques, or restaurants and bars in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and the Lower East Side.

When To Visit

This route is open year-round, but the ride across the bridge may be especially chilly in colder months.

Snow and ice may also throw a wrench in your ride, while temps can soar in the summer. So check the forecast!

Which E-Bike Classes Are Allowed?

Since this route is along streets and bike lanes, all e-bike classes can ride this route.

Just stay off the sidewalks and be mindful of cars!

Brooklyn To The Beach

Bright sand and fluffy white clouds on a busy sunny day at Coney Island Beach in NYC

At Coney Island Beach, choose your own adventure: explore the carnival games and rides or relax in the sand! Image Source: Unsplash

Why We Love It

When you want to hit the beach without going out of town, there are lots of great routes to go!

Want to visit Manhattan Beach? Start by riding Bedford all the way south to the Sheepshead Bay Piers. Stop here to explore the boardwalk!

Then wrap around the water and continue south to Manhattan Beach.

To visit Brighton Beach or Coney Island, consider taking Ocean Parkway down instead.

Remember to dismount your e-bike and find a spot to lock it up when entering NYC Parks, since e-bikes aren’t allowed within the parks.

Dip your toes in the water, throw a barbecue, grab some carnival food, ride the rides, or just relax in the sun.

When To Visit

You can visit most of these locations year-round, although the attractions at Coney Island are typically only open from May to September.

Plus, the beach is a lot nicer to visit when the weather is clear and warm!

Which E-Bike Classes Are Allowed?

When you choose streets and bike lanes down to the beach, any e-bike class is welcome along the route!

However, if you choose to visit NYC Parks like Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, or Coney Island, be aware that you cannot ride your e-bike through the park — you’ll need to lock it up and visit on foot.

Washington Avenue To Prospect Park

A sunny fall day with two geese floating on rippled blue water at Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn

A peaceful view of Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Why We Love It

E-bikes are still not allowed inside Prospect Park or any other NYC Park property, unfortunately (except on roads where motor vehicles are allowed).

But — Washington Avenue takes you past many of Brooklyn’s great bars and restaurants and runs along the eastern side of Prospect Park.

In fact, if you park and lock your e-bike near the northeast corner of Prospect Park, you can visit the Park, the Brooklyn Museum, and Brooklyn Botanic Gardens all in one stop.

Washington Avenue is a busy street but has bike lanes and street markings for bike visibility in places along this route.

When To Visit

Since this route is a city street, it’s open year-round except for any construction or other closures.

But you may want to plan your visit around the sites you hope to visit!

Prospect Park is especially beautiful in the spring and summer, but it’s great for fall colors, too! It’s open all year from 6:00 am to 1:00 am.

The Brooklyn Museum is typically open Wednesday through Sunday, and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is open seasonally with varied hours. Check the official sites for these locations for the most updated info.

Which E-Bike Classes Are Allowed?

All e-bike classes can ride on Washington Avenue!

However, no e-bikes are allowed in Prospect Park, or inside the Brooklyn Museum or Botanic Gardens.

E-bikes in Brooklyn are subject to the same laws as all of NYC. Here’s what you should know:

  • E-bikes of any class are prohibited from roads with speed limits higher than 30 mph in New York

  • E-bikes are prohibited from most bicycle paths and multiuse paths within the city; however, they are permitted in on-street bike lanes

  • Helmets are required for Class 3 e-bikes as well as for any e-bike riders under age 18 (regardless of Class)

  • In New York State, Class 3 e-bikes are restricted to a maximum assisted speed of 25 mph, in contrast to the widely recognized standard of 28 mph (more on e-bike classes)

  • Additionally, Class 3 e-bikes are only legal in NYC city limits — they are not permitted anywhere else in New York

Learn more about e-bike regulations by state.

Do I Need a Driver’s License For E-Bikes In Brooklyn?

No — there’s no need for a driver’s license for e-bikes in Brooklyn. You also don’t need registration or insurance to ride an e-bike here.

NYC High St Subway station featuring white square tiles and black accents, with signs for the Brooklyn Bridge

From e-bikes to the subway, there are so many ways to travel in Brooklyn — no driver’s license required. Image Source: Unsplash

Are There E-Bike Incentive Programs In Brooklyn?

New York State, NYC, and Brooklyn have each hosted unique e-bike incentive programs. But since these programs open and close regularly due to limitations, it’s worth checking locally to see what new programs may be active near you.

Our article about electric bike incentives can help you learn more and point you to regularly updated lists of programs.

Where Can I Find Magnum Bikes In Brooklyn?

Over 250 authorized dealers and flagship stores around the United States carry Magnum Bikes.

In New York State alone, we’re stocked in nearly 20 stores and counting. You can find us in several stores across NYC, including Brooklyn.

See our full list of Magnum Authorized Dealers in New York.

 A person in a wide brimmed hat sits on a rock on the beach in Brooklyn, overlooking the water toward Manhattan at sunset

The view from Marsha P Johnson State Park in Brooklyn. Image Source: Unsplash

E-Bikes Brooklyn FAQs

Here’s what people are asking about e-bikes in Brooklyn, NYC.

Are E-Bikes Allowed In Bike Lanes NYC?

Yes! All 3 classes of e-bikes are allowed in bike lanes in New York City, as well as on any streets with speed limits of 30 mph or lower.

E-scooters and motorcycles are not allowed in bike lanes.

Can You Ride An Electric Bike On The Sidewalk In NYC?

No, e-bikes are not permitted on the sidewalk in NYC — except to park.

A paved bike path runs underneath a bridge next to a sign reading "No motor vehicles e-bikes e-scooters"

E-bikes aren’t allowed on sidewalks in Brooklyn or anywhere in NYC. They’re also prohibited from many bike paths and multi-use paths, like the Hudson River Greenway shown here. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Electric Bike In NYC?

There are e-bike rentals all over the city, and costs vary.

You can rent by the minute or by the hour for roughly $15-$20 per hour depending on the vendor (price will change regularly), or by the day for much more.

However, if you ride an e-bike regularly in Brooklyn, it’s much more cost-effective and reliable to buy your own.

Where will your next Brooklyn e-bike ride take you?

Rider with olive green leggings and black sneakers on a Silver Magnum Cosmo e-bike in the street in front of a stretch of green grass

E-bike test rides available in and around Brooklyn

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