Founded in 2010, Magnum Bikes has been a pioneer in the global e-bike revolution, and has grown from a niche player to one of the up and coming dominant brands in its category. We are known for our innovation, design, and focus on quality, all of which allow us to produce stunning and premium quality electric bikes to lead the ebike market internationally. Ingrained into our mission, Magnum Bikes is re-imagining transportation and paving the way to a green, sustainable future. We are a company for the planet, as well as people, seeking to do our part in technological innovation to bring sustainable joy and convenience to all who can benefit from the Magnum ebike experience.


As a company, cultivating a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion is top on our list. Together, Magnum team members form a powerful and cohesive group of talented individuals overseeing design, manufacturing, importing, inventory management, sales, service and marketing of our products to realize our mission. We care deeply about the professional growth and fulfillment of each and every one of our employees and allowing them to reach their full potentials in our forward-thinking company culture. Our employees enjoy and take pride in a fast-paced, collaborative, creative, and positive work culture.


  • We are leaders – Leadership is not limited to our management team. It’s something everyone at Magnum embraces and embodies.
  • We are operators – We believe the only way to predict the future is to build it. Creating solutions to lead our company and our industry is what we do on every project, every day.
  • We are learners – Everyone here is continually learning on the job, no matter if we’ve been in a role for one year or one minute. We are committed to learning and implementing what is best for our retail customers, suppliers, and distributors.
  • We are one team – The magic of Magnum Bikes is our people, together making our inspiring goals attainable and driving us to greater heights.