5 Steps to Get Your E-Bike Ready for Summer

5 Steps to Get Your E-Bike Ready for Summer

Infographic with floral pattern on white background, blue header, and text-based tips for electric bike tune-ups in the summer

Keep this image handy for annual summer tune-ups!

As the weather warms up, we’re all ready to head back outside. Shorts, check. Sunglasses, check. E-bike… check out that dust! 

Whether your e-bike has been in storage or you’re a daily rider, it’s a great time to give your bike some love. Get a head start on hitting the road safely this summer with these 5 tips.

1. Test Your Brakes

Take your e-bike around the block — when you brake, do you hear any scraping or squeaking? That’s an indication that your brake pads need to be cleaned or possibly replaced. If you haven’t changed your brake pads for a few hundred miles, it’s probably time! 

Check out our guides for Mechanical Brakes and Hydraulic Brakes to learn how to disassemble your brake and inspect, clean, or replace your e-bike’s brake pads. 

2. Check Your Battery

When’s the last time you charged your e-bike battery

Nothing spoils a ride like a low battery, so take a second to press the battery light indicator button and check your battery level. Give it a charge if needed.

Magnum Bikes have a battery cycle life of about 700 charges — meaning your battery will recharge to maximum capacity around 700 times! Even after that, you’ll still get 80% of the maximum charge capacity for the life of the battery.

To extend the life of your e-bike battery, always store it… 

  • Out of extreme cold or hot temps
  • Away from rain and snow
  • Off the charger (once it’s reached a full charge)

If you’ve noticed that your battery won’t hold a charge like it used to, it may be time for a replacement.

3. Clean Your Chain

Your chain picks up a lot of dirt, grime, and grease with regular use! Give it some love this spring. 

First, use a degreaser to remove excess grease. Be sure only to use a degreaser made specifically for bikes; your local bike shop will carry one.

To apply, turn your pedals backward with one hand while applying the degreaser to your chain with the other. 

After degreasing, always lubricate your chain. Just like the degreaser, you need to use a product made for bikes — avoid any other type. 

And please, opt for the squeeze tube! 

Why? While a spray might seem convenient, the lack of application control means that you could accidentally lubricate your brakes and/or rotors while lubing the chain. 

Greased-up brakes may not effectively slow or stop your e-bike, posing a major safety risk to you and those around you! 

4. Wash Your E-Bike

Regularly washing the dirt and grime off your bike not only shows off the beauty of your e-bike but extends its life, too! Without buildup, you’re at lower risk for corrosion, rust, and other nasty issues that harm your frame, wheels, and more.

To safely clean your e-bike, use a basic, gentle cleanser. Grab an old toothbrush to scrub challenging spots like your spokes, tires, and inside of your fenders. 

Rinse with only as much water as you need in order to wash the cleanser off. Excess moisture leads to rust, which is what the process of cleaning your bike should avoid! So put that hose or pressure washer away. 

All done? To finish the process, give your bike a wipe down with a clean, dry rag to remove that extra water, helping to prevent rust.

5. Get a Professional Inspection or Tune-Up

We know you love your e-bike, and that’s why you take great care of it! But some inspections and repairs are best left to the detailed eye of an experienced e-bike mechanic. 

If you’re having issues with any part of your e-bike and aren’t sure what to do, or just don’t feel comfortable working on the issue yourself, don’t hesitate to bring it in.

The Magnum Bikes flagship stores in Salt Lake City, UT, Park City, UT, Scottsdale, AZ, and Encinitas, CA are always happy to help. Not near these stores? No problem! Find a local Magnum dealer who can help.