Get To Know Your E-Bike Battery

Get To Know Your E-Bike Battery

Your battery is the heart of your electric bicycle, so you owe it to your e-bike to take great care of it. In this article you’ll learn what the led indicator lights mean, how to properly insert and remove the battery, how to prolong your e-bike battery life, and more.

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NOTE: Even if you don’t ride a Magnum E-Bike, keep reading! Much of the information in this guide will be useful to all e-bike riders.

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Top Features To Look For In E-Bike Batteries

Do you know the difference between an integrated and non-integrated e-bike battery? What about how to keep your battery safe from theft? Some batteries also offer unique options for charging on the go. Get to know the top features you’ll want in a great electric bike battery.

Brand Name: When choosing an e-bike battery with a competitive lifespan, look for brand names. The cells should be made by a recognizable brand like Samsung, LG, or Panasonic.

Integration: The main difference between integrated and non-integrated batteries really comes down to looks. But this feature also affects the weight distribution of the battery on your bike: fully integrated batteries tend to have a lower center of gravity and better weight distribution.

Battery Lock: A key lock helps prevent battery theft on e-bikes with removable batteries. Make sure your model includes one.

What Do The Terms “Volts,” “Amps,” And “Watts” Mean For My E-Bike Battery?

Volts: Voltage is the amount of potential electricity your battery holds. In general, the voltage of your battery doesn’t increase or decrease.

Amps: Amps, or current, refer to how quickly your battery draws electricity during use. You use more amps (and deplete your e-bike battery faster) when riding…

  • With a heavy load
  • Uphill
  • On bumpy and grassy terrain

Watts: Your e-bike battery watts are a measure of the output of power that your e-bike can provide. You can calculate your watts when you know the voltage and amps of your battery.

  • Voltage x Amps = Watts

Magnum Pathfinder E-Bike Battery Life And Maintenance

Magnum Pathfinder batteries are unique to our Pathfinder e-bike series: built to work hard and play hard. These bikes feature unisex construction with a step-through frame.

Pathfinder owners: your battery is located on the top of your frame.

Check your Pathfinder battery by pressing the switch below the indicator lights.

Here’s what those lights mean:

  • 5 Lights: Full
  • 4 Lights: Still good to go
  • 3 Lights: Moderate
  • 2 Lights: Head back
  • Just the Red Light: Almost dead

If you're down to that final red light while on a ride, turn off the motor and head back to recharge.

To remove your Pathfinder battery, find your lock core (number 2 on the image below): it’s located on the side of your frame, just below the battery. 

Insert your battery key and turn clockwise. Grab the battery at the bottom (number 1 on the image below), then pull up. The battery will pivot out from the bottom. Then just slide it down and out to remove it.

To put it back in, start from the top. Push the top of the battery up into the frame, then press down on the bottom until you hear it click.

Magnum Cosmopolitan E-Bike Battery Life And Maintenance

Magnum Cosmopolitan batteries match the Cosmo series. These bikes are known for their light frame, fully integrated battery, and versatile color selection.

On the Cosmo, the battery light indicator is a little bit different. You can see the letters B, G, and R.

What do these mean for your battery life?

  • B (Blue): Full
  • G (Green): Moderate
  • R (Red): Almost dead

Remember: when you see the red indicator, it’s time to charge up.

To remove the Cosmo battery, insert your battery key and turn it clockwise. On this model, the battery pops out as you turn the key. From there, first pull the battery up, then down — that’s all it takes to get the battery out. 

To reinsert the Cosmopolitan battery, look for two tabs on one end of the battery. Then just slide the tabbed end into the top of the battery slot on your frame. Push the bottom until the battery clicks into place, and you’re done. 

Magnum f1 E-Bike Battery Life And Maintenance

Our f1 batteries power our series of Navigator, Summit, and Voyager e-bikes. Are you an urban commuter or a recreational mountain biker? Pick the e-bike that’s made for your ride.

The f1 battery is a bit different, so read carefully!

The battery switch button is at the top of the f1 battery, not the bottom. 

The battery indicator lights are different, too:

  • 4 Lights: Full
  • 3 Lights: Still good to go
  • 2 Lights: Moderate
  • Just the Red Light: Almost dead

The lock core for your f1 is located near the top of the frame, above the battery.

The f1 keys are folded, so they fit better in your pocket. To remove your f1 battery (number 1 on the image below), just unfold the key, insert into the lock core (number 2 on the image below), and turn clockwise. 

The battery will pop out from the top; just slide it up and out. 

To put your f1 battery back in, look for the end of your battery that has a detent — a locking mechanism. The detent is on the bottom end of your battery. Slide that end down into the bottom of the frame, then push the top of the battery until you hear it click into place.

With the f1, you can charge your battery on or off the bike. When sitting in your saddle, you’ll find the charging port on the battery’s right side. It’s got a rubber door for protection — keep that closed when you aren’t charging your f1 battery.

Magnum i6 E-Bike Battery Life And Maintenance

Lots of Magnum e-bike models use i6 batteries, including the Cruiser, Low Rider, Metro 750, Metro S, Metro X, Nomad, Payload, Peak T5, Peak T7, Ranger, and Scout.

On the i6, the battery button is at the top. Press it to see how much battery life there is. 

Like all other models, the i6’s indicator lights are easy to read:

  • 4 Lights: Full
  • 3 Lights: Still good to go
  • 2 Lights: Moderate
  • Just the Red Light: Almost dead

It bears repeating: once you’re down to the red light, turn off your motor and head for your charging station.

To remove your battery, stick the key in and turn clockwise. 

The i6 has a lever (number 2 on the image below) on the battery (number 1 on the image below). Pull the lever outward — away from the e-bike. There are no up or down motions when taking out or inserting your i6 battery.

To get the battery back in the e-bike, look for the detent end (that locking mechanism). That’s the bottom of your i6 battery. You’re going to fit the detent into the bottom end of the battery holder. Then just push the rest of the battery inward toward the bike frame until it pops in. 

The charging port on the i6 battery is at the bottom. And don’t forget to close that rubber charging port door when you’re fully charged.

Magnum Folding E-Bike Battery Life And Maintenance

Whether Premium 3 Low Step, Premium 3 High Step, or our discontinued original Premium or Classic models, our folding e-bikes rely on the folding style e-bike battery. The process to access and change this battery is unique, so pay attention.

The folding e-bike battery sits behind the seat tube. To get to it, you have to lift the saddle out of the way. You can do that by pushing up on the lever located on the back of the seat. 

With the saddle lifted, you can see the battery top, battery handle, and battery light indicator. 

Press and hold the button to see how much life your e-bike battery has. 

  • 3 Lights: Full
  • 2 Lights: Moderate
  • Just the Red Light: Almost empty

To remove the battery, insert the key, push it in, and turn it to the left — counterclockwise — to the unlocked position. Then you can lift the battery out by its handle, sliding on the rail.

To put the battery back in, align the track on the back of the battery with the rail on the seat post. Slide the battery down and it’ll pop back into place. 

Turn the key back to the “On” position so that your power switch works when you’re ready to ride.  

The charging port for the battery is located towards the top of the battery next to the lock core.

Top Tips for Extending Your E-Bike Battery Life

How long does an electric bike battery last? That depends: proper care and handling are essential for prolonging your e-bike battery performance and lifespan. Here’s how to keep your battery in top shape.

  1. Don’t ride on red. Try to head home before you’re on that last battery indicator light. Get in the habit of charging your battery after each ride. 
  2. Don’t overcharge. Wondering how long to charge your e-bike battery? Your Magnum battery is protected against overcharging, but never leave it charging for longer than 24 hours. Also, get in the habit of removing it from the charger as soon as the indicator light shows that it’s fully charged. 
  3. Don't use the battery when it's warm. Wait a few minutes after a long ride to charge the battery. Once it’s finished charging, wait a few minutes before riding your bike. Both of these actions will help extend your electric bicycle battery life. 
  4. Don’t use an off-brand charger. Only use the charger that came with your Magnum Bike. 
  5. Store carefully. Between rides, don’t store your battery outside — especially in rain and snow. Avoid extreme hot or cold temps, too.
  6. Bonus tip: When starting the e-bike, don’t use the throttle right away. Try to build up momentum by pedaling first. Your battery will thank you!

Now you have the tools to go faster, farther, and stronger, extending your Magnum e-bike battery life. Charge up and ride!

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