Recapping The Intro to E-Bikes Community Event at Golden Hills Park

Recapping The Intro to E-Bikes Community Event at Golden Hills Park

This summer, we joined in on a not-for-profit public service event at Golden Hills Park in Cottonwood Heights, UT. The event helped promote e-biking both as an active form of transportation and for recreation.

The benefits of e-bikes are vast, including:

  • Improving public health by encouraging active transportation

  • Reducing carbon emissions by decreasing gas vehicle trips

  • Alleviating noise pollution caused by loud gas-powered vehicles

  • Relieving traffic jams as well as wear and tear on roadways

It was amazing to be able to share these benefits and more with the community. But we weren’t there simply to talk! 

The event encouraged residents with their own e-bikes to bring them along. And for those who aren’t e-bike owners yet, Magnum brought a fleet of electric bikes for attendees to test-ride through the park free of charge. 

That evening, we were proud to give over 30 residents the chance to ride an e-bike for the first time! This included riders of all ages and with varying degrees of mobility and fitness. 

We know that e-bikes can be intimidating to people who’ve never ridden one — but after a lap around the park, every rider came back smiling.

Cottonwood Heights residents checking out Magnum e-bikes at Golden Hills Park, July 2022.

Our own Hank Rubenstein represented Magnum’s Customer Experience team at the event. In a brief speech to kick off the festivities, he shared how grateful we were to meet like-minded locals who are excited about the possibilities of a greener future for transportation.

Hank said:

[E-bikes are] such a great way for people to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy their communities. ... The more people that get outside, the better!

Magnum Bikes’ Hank Rubenstein speaking to the crowd at Golden Hill Park.

Some folks in attendance were already avid cyclists who were looking for ways that their friends, partners, and family could enjoy rides along with them. We also met commuters who could enjoy a downhill commute to work but were concerned about the steep hills going home: walking or riding a traditional bike up that kind of climb just didn’t feel realistic. 

For residents like these, an introduction to e-bikes posed an exciting opportunity to connect with those closest to them and design a more active commute.

In his closing statement, Hank said, “We just want electric bikes to be fun, fast, and simple.” And that day, the residents of Cottonwood Hills discovered just how fun, fast, and simple to ride they can be. 

We can’t wait to meet more of our community at many events like this to come.