8 Steps To Your Spring E-Bike Tune-Up

8 Steps To Your Spring E-Bike Tune-Up

Whether you ride your e-bike all winter long or put it in storage when cold weather hits, make sure to check a few things before you hop on your e-bike this spring.

Let’s take a look at your spring tune-up checklist, from changing tires to cleaning your drivetrain, checking the brakes, and much more.

1. Clean The Frame

2. Check Your Tires

3. Assess Your Brakes

4. Clean Your Chain

5. Check Your E-Bike’s Ergonomics

6. Inspect The Seatpost And Fork

7. Battery Care

8. Final Check

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1. Clean The Frame

You might have a lot of cleaning to do, or your e-bike might just be a bit dusty.

Hopefully, you’re not dealing with any damage from a falling pair of skis or something else in your garage.

Whatever the case, first make sure nothing looks broken, twisted, or otherwise damaged.

Then wipe off any dirt or dust. If you rode through the winter, you may need bike-friendly cleaning products to remove tougher grime.

A rider shown from the waist down in black long-sleeve shirt, denim capris, and blue and red sneakers rides a white Magnum Metro X down an asphalt street with grass in the background

A clean e-bike is just more fun to ride, don’t you think? Pictured: Magnum Metro X

2. Check Your Tires

Even new tubes will leak over time. If your tires flattened in storage, pump them up to the recommended PSI listed on your sidewall.

It’s also a good time to think about avoiding flats during your upcoming rides.

Around Magnum HQ in Utah, we have goat’s head thorns — nasty pronged thorns that are rough on tires and tubes.

You have 2 good options to protect your tubes from punctures:

  1. Buy a tube sealant

  2. Buy pre-sealed or thick puncture-resistant inner tubes

So take a moment to think about what options are best for you.

3. Assess Your Brakes

All Magnum Bikes have disc brakes. Disc brakes are comprised of a disc rotor (which the brake pinches) and a disc caliper, where your brake pads sit.

  • Check to see that your rotor isn’t bent or damaged

  • Spray a bit of rubbing alcohol on the rotor, pads, and caliper to remove excess grease — your brakes may squeal at first, but that’s ok

  • Inspect your brake pads. Are they worn through, or do they still have life left?

  • Squeeze your brake levers. Do they feel firm (good), or squishy (needs attention)?

If the brake lever is too easy to press and feels squishy, your next step depends on whether you have hydraulic brakes or mechanical brakes.

If you have hydraulic brakes…

If you have mechanical brakes…

A rider cruises in the bike lane on a white Magnum Premium 3 Low-Step e-bike as a small red 2-door car prepares to pass by. The rider wears a blue helmet, green and gray t-shirt, white shorts, and white sneakers

Check your brakes to ride safely this spring! Pictured: Magnum Premium 3 Low-Step

4. Clean Your Chain

Since chains need lubrication to work well, they’re also magnets for dust and grime.

Most chain lubricants clean while they lubricate, so you don’t usually need soapy water or other cleaners.

Don’t use a household lubricant — get a chain lube from a bike shop instead.

Typical household lubricant is extremely thin and messy. Plus, it may not stay on the chain as well, making it less effective.

Steer clear of spray lubricants, which can be extremely dangerous for e-bikes. It’s too easy to accidentally lube up your disc rotor or brakes, which can make your brakes less effective and lead to crashes.

Apply a thin layer of chain lubricant and wipe off the excess.

5. Check Your E-Bike’s Ergonomics

Your tune-up is a great time to evaluate how to make your e-bike even more comfortable for you.

So take a quick ride around and make sure your e-bike feels comfortable.

Think about the positioning of:

  • Grips

  • Display

  • Stem (if it’s adjustable — most Magnum Bikes are)

  • Seatpost

Speaking of the seat, how comfortable is your saddle? If your seat feels too firm, it may just be because you haven’t ridden in a while.

You could ride around and get used to it … or you could upgrade to a more comfortable new seat.

A rider shown from the neck down wears a black shirt with neon geometric patterns and khaki pants, riding a Magnum Low Rider 2.0 electric bike in a relaxed pose with one hand on the handlebars and the other hanging at their side

Is riding your e-bike as comfortable as this picture looks? If not, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Pictured: Magnum Low Rider 2.0

6. Inspect The Seatpost And Fork

When you open the quick-release lever, your seatpost should pull out of your frame quickly and easily.

If it’s sticking, add some lubricant like the one you used for your chain. Again, avoid household lubricants here — you want something thicker that will really stay in place.

Now look for any oil leaking out of your fork or front suspension.

Falling items in your e-bike’s storage space can lead to damaged seals on your fork. This may cause your fork to seize up or lose oil, impacting performance.

7. Battery Care

Hopefully, you read our post about e-bike battery storage in winter.

That’s because you want to be sure to store your battery inside during the winter, charging it every 2 months or so while in storage. This is especially true if you live anywhere where it gets below 45℉ in the winter.

If you didn’t know, now you know for this coming winter! Either way, let’s make sure your battery is operable now.

  • Check for corrosion on the battery or the electrical connection that plugs into your e-bike

  • Inspect the charging port doors, which are important for keeping your battery clean in storage

  • Locate your battery keys — without them, you won’t be able to remove the battery again

  • Press the power button on your battery; when the lights come on, put your battery back on your e-bike (if they don’t come on, you may need to charge or replace your battery)

  • Now power on your display and refamiliarize yourself with operating your e-bike!

You can always go back and find your owner's manual at magnumbikes.com.

It’s easy to forget even the basics of operation when your e-bike has been in storage!

A black Magnum Metro S electric bike close-up, with only part of each wheel visible and the stem out of frame. Yellow wildflowers grow tall in the background

Keep your battery in great shape all year to hit the road more easily this spring. Pictured: Magnum Metro S

8. Final Check

Does anything seem like it needs an adjustment?

If everything’s in order, power on your e-bike and take yo  ur first spring ride!

But if something seems wrong and you're not sure what it is, take your e-bike to your nearest certified Magnum dealer.

They can perform a safety check and complete your tuneup. That way, you’re truly ready to ride safely this spring and summer.

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