3 Tips To Safely Store Your E-Bike Battery In Winter

3 Tips To Safely Store Your E-Bike Battery In Winter

Some of us are all-season riders — sun, rain, sleet, or snow! But others are fair-weather riders, and that’s ok, too. If you’re someone who doesn’t like riding your e-bike as often or at all in the winter months, you just need to know how to take care of your battery during the weeks or months that you aren’t riding. Proper care helps ensure that your e-bike is ready to ride again when you are!

Follow these 3 tips when storing your e-bike and its battery in the winter.

1. Clean Your Battery And Store It Indoors 

Before storing, we recommend removing any built-up residue by cleaning the battery terminals with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth. While you’re at it, it’s a great time to clean the rest of your e-bike, too.

And when we say “store your battery indoors,” we don’t mean in that plastic shed in your yard! 

Find a dry, temperature-controlled space to store your Magnum lithium-ion battery. Avoid high humidity and frequent temperature changes. Check out the next tip for more on ideal temps.

2. Optimize Storage Temperature

Magnum batteries should be kept at an ambient room temperature of 50-86°F. This storage temperature is critical because long exposure to extreme temps (either cold or hot) can lead to the deterioration of battery cells.

Most places inside your apartment, condo, or house should meet the criteria. Just avoid using “indoor” spaces that may not be insulated or heated, like many detached sheds or garages.

Been a few weeks since your last ride? Check and charge your battery before you head out.

3. Check Your Charge Regularly

While it’s in storage, check and charge your Magnum battery periodically. The key is not to overcharge or undercharge it!

If you charge your battery to 100% before putting it away for a while, the cells can degrade over time. Conversely, if you let your battery life dip too low while in storage — to 40% or lower — your battery may enter “sleep mode” and your charger will not be able to recognize your battery. 

To prevent both cell degradation and sleep mode, it’s best to charge your battery to 75-85% capacity every 2 months while in storage. 

To get the most accurate reading of your battery life, don’t just check the charge lights on the battery itself — put your battery back on your e-bike, power on your e-bike’s display, and read the charge from your e-bike display.  

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