We Had A Blast At Electrify Expo Long Beach 2022

We Had A Blast At Electrify Expo Long Beach 2022

The first weekend in June marked Magnum’s first year joining the incredible Electrify Expo exhibitor line-up — and we already can’t wait for the next event.

The weekend kicked off with Industry Day on Friday, June 3, 2022. The Magnum Bikes team attended some incredible panels and even got to watch our own COO Jesse Lapin on the main stage. 

When the doors opened to the public on Saturday and Sunday, the entry lines were long and the energy was high! We met a whole lot of Magnum riders and helped many more experience their first e-bike rides. 

Here’s everything we got to experience over that weekend — and what you can expect if you make it to another Electrify Expo event later this year.

Incredible Electric Vehicles From A Wide Range of Brands

Electrify Expo boasts electric mobility vehicles ranging from hoverboards to electric golf carts and everywhere in between. We got to meet representatives from e-mobility brands around the world and of all different specialties. 

While there were so many incredible products and brands represented at Electrify Expo Long Beach, one of our team’s favorite discoveries was an electric snowmobile company from France (but also sold in the US), MoonBikes. We also loved learning about SEABOB, an electric water sports vehicle to enhance snorkeling, diving, and more. 

Brands like these are proof that today’s electric vehicles really can go anywhere you want to go!

Magnum Bikes outside in grass with trees blue skySetting up our bikes at Electrify Long Beach.


Over 300 Of You Test-Rode A Magnum Electric Bike

Our main booth and test-ride booths were both buzzing all weekend. The process of registering riders and getting safety waivers signed was smooth thanks to a great electronic scanning system set up by the Electrify team.

We had over 300 riders at the demo track. It was amazing to meet all of you! 

Some of the most popular models with the Long Beach crowd were our Magnum Peak T5 mountain e-bike and the Magnum Payload cargo e-bike.

If you’ve never ridden an e-bike, Electrify Expo is the perfect place to try. Safety protocols are in place and our staff members are standing by to oversee your ride. 

Any e-bike rider will tell you that there’s just nothing quite like the experience of riding an electric bike. There’s a freedom and euphoria that washes over you; it’s a chance to bring back the joy you felt when riding a bike as a kid.

We’d love for you to come and experience the rush here with us! But if you can’t make it to Electrify Expo, you can still schedule a test ride with a local Magnum dealer.

Magnum Bikes test ride outdoor concrete path with water bridge and buildings

The outdoor test track at Electrify Long Beach.


COO Jesse Lapin Spoke on E-Mobility Lifestyles

One of the weekend’s many panels, “Beyond the Last Mile: How E-Mobility is Reinventing Sports and Lifestyles,” featured our Chief Operating Officer, Jesse Lapin.

Jesse Lapin headshot smiling blazer blue shirt

Magnum Bikes COO Jesse Lapin.


The focus of the panel was to discuss new generations of electric solutions in the micro-mobility market and the ways in which e-mobility vehicles enhance our lives.

Jesse was honored to share the stage with other e-mobility industry experts and share some reflections on the role of e-bikes in a healthy lifestyle — especially as it relates to reconnecting on the other side of a global pandemic.

Here’s some of what he had to say:

[E-Bikes are] the best way to get out there and connect with yourself, find stability in your mental wellbeing, find physical activity and a way to just pause. And never has that been more relevant than it was in the last couple of years, as many people were forced to kind of retract to their homes and were relegated towards quarantining during the pandemic.


E-bikes were that natural outlet that allowed people to get out there and connect once again. And as we enter the other side of the last couple of years and the darkness that’s come, e-bikes truly have been the light at the end of the tunnel. [They] have brought people back out, connecting them with all the most important things that we have to offer: most importantly, one another.

Blue Magnum Bikes tent outdoors in the sun with electric bikes displayed

Our e-bikes getting some sun at Electrify Expo Long Beach.


We’ll Be At Every Electrify Expo This Year — And You Can Enter to Win!

Missed us at Long Beach? Don’t worry — Electrify Expo is hitting 4 more US locations in 2022, and Magnum Bikes will be there for every single event. 

Come learn more about the future of electric vehicles for recreation, commuting and other transportation, work vehicles and fleets, and so much more.

  • July 23-24: Seattle, WA
  • August 27-28: Long Island, NY
  • October 8-9: Miami, FL
  • November 11-13: Austin, TX

When you take a test ride on our electric bicycles at any Electrify Expo, you’ll be entered to win a custom-painted Magnum Nomad by @tec_gnar.

We’ll pick a winner after the final Electrify event ends on November 13, 2022. 

We can’t wait to meet you at the next event!