Men’s Vs. Women’s E-Bikes: What’s The Difference?

Men’s Vs. Women’s E-Bikes: What’s The Difference?

Just as you would see with traditional bikes, you may find some e-bikes marketed as “women’s e-bikes” or “men’s e-bikes.” But what’s the difference between men’s bikes vs. women’s bikes? What about unisex bikes? Can a man ride a women’s e-bike and vice-versa?

Here’s what you need to know when shopping for men’s and women’s e-bikes.

A Brief History Of Men’s And Women’s Bike Frames

Standard Differences: Men’s Vs. Women’s E-Bikes

Does Magnum Bikes Sell Men’s And Women’s E-Bikes?

Which Magnum E-Bike Is Right For Me?

A Brief History Of Men’s And Women’s Bike Frames

The concept of men’s bikes and women’s bikes predates the electric bike. It goes way back to the late 1800s! That’s when one of the most definitive features of a traditional women’s bike debuted: the low-step or step-through frame.

The top tube on step-through frames is either very low or completely absent. Without a high top tube to clear, riders only need to lift their foot a few inches off the ground to mount their bike or e-bike. 

The step-through frame was developed so that women could ride bikes without their large late-1800s skirts sitting awkwardly on the top tube — or worse. In those highly fashionable cage or hoop skirts, it would have been difficult or even impossible for women’s feet to reach the pedals on a step-over frame!

Today, those hoop skirts have mostly fallen out of fashion, but the step-through frame hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still a fantastic option for anyone who rides in dresses or skirts — but quick and easy mounting and dismounting is for everyone! 

You will still commonly see step-through or mid-step frames on e-bikes marketed as “women’s e-bikes.” But today, this frame style is available on men’s bikes and unisex bikes, too.

Check out our complete guide to e-bike styles and frame shapes for a more in-depth look at frame styles and step heights.

Step-through frames — no skirt required. Pictured: Magnum Cosmo.

Standard Differences: Men’s Vs. Women’s E-Bikes

There’s more to this topic than just frame shape! Let’s see all the common differences between e-bikes marketed for men vs. women.

Frame Shape (Step Height)

As we discovered already in the Brief History section, frame shape plays a big role in the distinction between men’s e-bikes and women’s e-bikes. Women’s e-bikes are step-through or mid-step for the most part, while men’s e-bikes are commonly high-step with a high or even horizontal top tube. Unisex bikes may be any frame shape.

Frame Size

Women’s bikes traditionally have smaller frame sizes than bikes marketed as men’s bikes. But there are tall and short women, just as there are tall and short men! So, shopping across both categories or in unisex bikes may give anyone a greater range of choices. 

But what does a “19-inch frame” actually mean? Is it the height of the bike from the ground to the handlebars? Or the distance from the seat to the stem? Good guesses, but they aren’t correct  — and the actual answer is a bit more complicated.

You know how your standard shoe size fits perfectly in some brands, but you have to size up or down in other brands? Bike frame size is a lot like that. Different bike manufacturers may choose different starting and ending points on the frame from which to measure its size. This can make shopping online a challenge — especially if you haven’t picked your preferred manufacturer yet. 

If possible, we recommend heading to your local Magnum dealer and looking for our step-over or high-step models. When straddling a bike that fits you well, the top tube should be about an inch below your groin. Mount and dismount different models until you find a frame size that’s comfortable for you!.

The Magnum Ranger 2.0 has the largest e-bike frame size in our current lineup — but that definitely doesn’t mean it’s just for men.

Shape & Size Of Parts

There’s no standard for the difference in shape and size of e-bike parts between men’s and women’s bikes. As you might expect from learning about frame size, women’s e-bikes will typically have smaller and/or shorter parts. 

This may apply to parts and features like:

  • Crank arms (these attach your pedals to the crankset)
  • Seat post maximum height
  • Stem post maximum height
  • Saddle shape and size
  • Shape, size, and position of handlebars, grips, and brake levers

Does Magnum Bikes Sell Men’s And Women’s E-Bikes?

Yes — and also no! 

“Yes” we do, in the sense that we offer e-bikes for both men and women. But “no” we don’t, in the sense that we don’t sell specific bikes for men or specific bikes for women. 

Your ideal e-bike’s frame shape, size, and features that feel most comfortable to you may not have much to do with your gender or your sex assigned at birth! Instead, your needs and preferences often depend on your height, mobility, and riding style.

That’s why all Magnum Bikes are unisex bikes — and as long as it feels comfortable to ride, the right model for you is whatever model you choose.

Anyone 5’4” and taller can comfortably hit the trails on our Peak T5 and Peak T7 mountain e-bike frames.

Which Magnum E-Bike Is Right For Me?

We’d love to have a simple answer to this. But the truth is, you’re a unique person — which means choosing the right e-bike for you is a unique process!

But don’t worry. You don’t need to spend all week or even all day figuring this out. How does 5 minutes sound?

We’ve created a quiz to help you choose your perfect Magnum Bike

This quiz even factors in your height when selecting models for you. That means even if you can’t make it to a Magnum Dealer to do a standover test, we can still help you find your perfect fit online.

Got more questions? Our support team is here for you — contact us today!