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Riders in the Magnum Community use their e-bikes for a variety of purposes, from long weekend rides & epic adventures to commuting, running errands, & even as a car replacement. 

So no matter what kind of ride you take, we have the ideal e-bike for you.

E-Bikes Available at Fat Frogs Bike & Fitness

Stock levels may vary.


The Nomad offers a mid-step frame with active seating, ideal for gravel, paved roads and snow.

  • 500W Motor
  • 15Ah Battery
  • $2,399

Pathfinder T

A bike for all uses! The Magnum Pathfinder T is a versatile e-bike for commuting, recreation, exercise and more.

  • 500 Watts Motor
  • 17.5Ah Battery
  • $2,499

Peak T5

The Peak T5 begins where the road ends! Its torque pedal assist sensor combines power from the rider and the motor for the ultimate in smoothness and control.

  • 500 Watts Motor
  • 15Ah Battery
  • $2,699

Metro X

The Magnum Metro X does it all! It's a versatile touring/all-road electric bike built for road riding, commuting, recreational riding, and gravel trails.

  • 500 Watts Motor
  • 15Ah Battery
  • $2,099

Cruiser 2.0

A beautifully designed beach cruiser style electric bike well suited to urban riding or commuting.

  • 500 Watts Motor
  • 15Ah Battery
  • $2,299

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Our Fat Frogs Bike & Fitness Store is conveniently located on 1169 Nimmo Pkwy #232 Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Our friendly and expert staff are on-hand seven days a week to help with sales and service for Magnum's full e-bike lineup as well as e-bike rentals and a full line of gear & accessories.

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