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Demo a Magnum e-bike for free at one of 250+ locations across the U.S. and get entered for a chance to win. Prizes include:

  • a free e-bike
  • a $500 gift card
  • a swag pack
  • and much more!

To get started click "Subscribe to access the giveaway!" and then proceed with steps "2" and "3", or perform one of the other "Bonus" actions to qualify. No purchase required. Offer ends September 30, 2023.

Magnum e-bikes can be found in over 250 authorized dealers and flagship stores across the U.S.
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Experience the joy and exhilaration of a Magnum e-bike and feel like a kid again! Demo today for a chance to win.

No purchase required. Click "Terms & Conditions" above to read full giveaways term, and see FAQ below. Offer ends September 13, 2023.

STEP 1 - Enter your details

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Why Magnum?

Riders in our Community use their e-bikes for a variety of purposes, from long weekend rides & epic adventures to commuting, running errands, & even as a car replacement. They choose Magnum for many reasons, but top among those are our product's top build quality, reliability, and our world-class service & expert support.

I tried my friend's Magnum e-bike. Does that count?

Unfortunately, demoing a Magnum bike that belongs to someone you know does not qualify for any giveaway entries. The goal of this giveaway campaign is to support our local shop network, which is why in order for your demo ride to qualify it must take place at an authorized dealer or Magnum Flagship Store.

What if I can't find Magnum Bikes near me?

Good news! You can suggest Magnum Bikes to your local shop and/or simply tell us where you're based and you can qualify for bonus raffle entries! Click HERE to answer a few quick questions.

I already own a Magnum. Can I still enter the giveaway?

Yes! There are multiple ways for Magnum Owners to enter this giveaway, all of which can be found above. Those include: telling a friend about this giveaway, visiting Magnum Bikes on YouTube, joining our Facebook community, or showing a photo of your Magnum ride.

Still have questions?

View the full giveaway terms & conditions here. You can also contact us at or submit a support ticket and we'll respond soon!

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