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Shock Absorber Suspension Seat Post

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Product Overview


Suspension seatpost designed to provide shock absorption and added comfort for your ride by allowing some vertical movement or flex in the seatpost itself. Here are some of the main benefits of using a suspension seatpost:

  1. Reduced vibration and impact transmission - On rough roads or trails, a suspension seatpost can help absorb bumps and vibrations that would otherwise transfer up to the rider's body through a rigid seatpost. This can reduce fatigue and discomfort, especially on longer rides.
  2. Increased traction - By allowing the saddle to move vertically slightly, a suspension seatpost can help keep the rider's weight centered over the bike, improving traction on bumpy terrain.
  3. Additional comfort - The suspended movement makes for a smoother ride feel by taking the edge off bigger impacts and trail chatter. This can increase comfort levels, especially for riders who experience discomfort from road vibrations.
  4. Control - Some higher-end suspension seatposts allow adjusting the suspension firmness/preload to suit rider weight and terrain conditions.



Manufactured by Safort

  • Compatible Magnum Models Fits all Magnum bikes. Adapters available for models not listed above - contact us.
  • MATERIALForged Alloy 6061 T6
  • TRAVEL / OFFSET50 mm / 25 mm
  • DIAMETER27.2 / 30.9 /31.6 / 34.9 mm
  • LENGTH360 mm
  • WEIGHT820 g (27.2*360mm)