Tannas Armour Tire Insert (Various Sizes)

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Product Overview


Eliminates 90% of all bike tire punctures. Tannus Armour provides 15mm of puncture protection on the top, as well as 2mm of sidewall protection. This makes it the perfect solution for e-bikes, road bikes, and more. To choose size, the first number is your tire diameter (20" - 27.5") while the second number is a range to fit the width of your tire.

  • Key Features Front and sidewall protection
  • What's IncludedOne (1) tire insert
  • Dimensions20 x 3.0-4.0 inches | 26 x 4.0-4.8 inches | 26x1.95-2.5 inches | 27.5x2.6-3.0 inches
  • MaterialPatented foam-like polymer
  • Available ColorsRed